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Bio Bay Tours in Fajardo

It seems you have decided to go for a tour to the bio bay in Fajardo and that is a good choice! Close to San Juan, it is the best one if you want to maximize your time and budget on the island. To help you choose we prepared you a selection of four guided tour companies in Fajardo with pros and cons for each of them.

Eco Tour Puerto Rico

Since 1997 Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours LLC is offering bio bay tours in Fajardo. As a result, they have been reviewed a lot. I would say it is a reasonable choice regarding their comments. Not more than 55$ per adult but they will charge you the same for a child above +6. Moreover, they have two departures times 6 pm and 8 pm and the tour lasts 3 hours.

PRO: Unique 3 hours tour, Special full moon tour
CONS: Only children above 6 are allowed

Bio Bay Tour in Fajardo – $55
Special Full Moon Bio Bay Tour – $55

Kayaking Puerto Rico

Created in 2007 this company is offering a combo, Rain Forest and Bio Bay Tour on the same day for 155$ per person. Speaking about their classic bio bay tour on Laguna Grande the price is 55$. Two departure times are 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm and the tour lasts 2 hours only.

PRO: They offer a combo tour
CONS: 2hours tour and only children above 6 are allowed

Bio Bay Tour in Fajardo – $55
Combo Tour (Bio Bay + El Yunke) – $155

Yokahu Kayaks Trips

This company was less known than the two first ones on this list. As a result, Yokahu Kayaks Trips used to be a bit cheaper. Unfortunately, the prices are now the same as most of the competitors. 55$ with a 2 hours bio bay tour, for instance. Or 115$ for a combo Bio bay and Rainforest tours on the same day. Those prices apply to adults and children above 6 years old.

PRO: Combo tour offer, Cheapest prices for the classic Bio Bay Tour
Only a 2hours tour, Only children above 6 are allowed

Bio Bay Tour in Laguna Grande – $55
Combo Tour (Bio Bay + El Yunke) – $115

Eco Adventures Kayaks

A family business that claims to be involved in beach clean-ups. They are offering the classic 2 hours bio bay tour in Fajardo for 50$ per adult above 5 years old. They also offer a second tour which is a special combo: Rain Forest + Beach + Bio bay in Laguna Grande for only 140$ per adult, transportation included.

PRO: Unique trio tour offer, Children above 5 allowed versus 6 with other companies
CONS: No Combo Tour offer

Bio Bay Tour in Fajardo – $50
Special 3 in 1 Tour (El Yunke + Beach + Bio Bay Tour) – $140