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Bio Bay Tours in Vieques

You are planning a trip to Puerto Rico, lucky you! Furthermore, you have enough time to reach Vieques and enjoy the most bioluminescent bio bay on earth, what a chance! In order to help you decide which tour is best for you, here are three companies offering guided tours to Mosquito Bay.

Abe’s Snorkeling & Bio Bay Tours

Abe aka “The Pirate” is the name of a local islander raised in St. Croix. For more than 20 years now his company is offering bio bay tours in Vieques. Going on this tour you will learn about local ecology while having a great time paddling. Their classic tour starts from 45$ for kids to 60$ for adults above 12. They can also take groups for a private tour.

PRO: Special prices for kids
CONS: Not the cheapest

Bio Bay Tour in Vieques – $45 to $60
Private Bio Bay Tour for Groups

Melaya’s Bio Bay Tour in Vieques

This bio bay tour has been created in 2014 by a native Viequense. Offering a more intimate tour with fewer people. For a better personal experience, you will paddle clear bottom kayaks. Their classic bio bay tour starts at 65$ per person, up to 650$ if you go for a private tour with 12 guests.

PRO: Clear bottom kayak, Group of 12 at maximum
CONS: Not the cheapest

Bio Bay Tour to Mosquito Bay

Aqua Sunset Bio Bay Tour

This company is doing its best to give you a unique experience on Mosquito Bay. For the three departure times, the pick-up starts opposite of El Block Hotel. Enjoy their clear bottom kayaks and less rushed experience with many details of the surrounding ecosystem. Their classic bio bay tour starts at 65$ per adult, down to 55$ for kids from 5 to 12 years old.

PRO: Clear bottom kayaks, Three different departure times
CONS: No special price for groups

Bio Bay Tour – $55 (kids) and $65 (adults)